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Get quacky with your favorite Robertson characters in DUCK form! Made with Chew Guard technology, these toys will stand up to tough play!  


  • Made with Chew Guard Technology
  • Available in two sizes


Pet Testimonial

Mardy and Toys

Name: Mardy

Age: 5

Loves: Getting QUACKY with his Duck Dynasty plush toys

Likes: The episode in Season two when Si hunts with a poodle

Dislikes: When there is no Duck Dynasty to watch! 


Phil DD ToyPhil Duck 

S: DD800004

L: DD800005


Miss Kay Duck


Miss Kay Duck:

S: DD800002

L: DD800003


Si Duck

Si Duck

S: DD800000

L: DD800001



Willie Duck


Willie Duck

S: DD800008

L: DD800009


Jase Duck

Jase Duck 

S: DD800006

L: DD800007

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